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A brief conversation about disaster recovery planning and the cloud

This is a brief conversation we had with a client about disaster recovery planning and the cloud. The client starts speaking about the challenges Hyperion administrators and IT professionals face with planning, implementing, and executing an effective disaster recovery strategy for complex Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) applications.


Client: “I think what you’re offering, again, makes a lot of sense, I think that it could save the company money and I think overall it’s probably the best-case scenario…especially for a company like this where we don’t have an elaborate disaster recovery process. Which is something we’re working on now, trying to figure out what’s the best way to do it…it’s an expertise that if you can pay a company that is focusing on that service, why not consider it?”

Strafford: “You don’t have to maintain…your one IT person and you as an administrator…you would have to maintain an elaborate disaster recovery strategy and plan, you’d have to test it every once in a while, I mean that’s just a huge nightmare that you guys probably as a two-person team aren’t well-equipped to really do an excellent job around that. Never mind the infrastructure requirements and everything else you’d have to meet in order to really pull that off.”

Client: “I mean you know, in my mind it requires a level of expertise in that area and to expect the general IT guy that’s making sure that everyone can log on to the network, making sure that…you know…the VP of Finance…his laptop is working and his Outlook is opening correctly and not crashing his pc and all this stuff…to turn around and try to also orchestrate a disaster recovery plan that will work seamlessly…it would be fantastic if he could do it, I don’t know that it’s a realistic expectation.”

Strafford: “Being an IT person myself, like I said, will you eventually get things back up and running? Yes, you will – eventually a good IT person will figure it out and get things working, but at what cost and in what time? You really have to plan for worst-case scenario, right before the close or during the closing you’ve got 80 people trying to get data in, if you’re down for 2 or 3 days while you’re panicking and getting a new server and loading things back up and restoring from backup and keeping your fingers crossed that it works…nightmare! That’s just a nightmare scenario that you guys probably don’t want to be in.”


Strafford’s Cloud Service offers a built-in disaster recovery strategy and alleviates this burden from busy Hyperion administrators and overworked IT professionals.

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