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Oracle Hyperion Enterprise Data Protection, Disaster Recovery, and Business Continuity Planning

Oracle Hyperion Enterprise Data Protection, Disaster Recovery, and Business Continuity Planning

Our consultants have been helping companies manage Oracle Hyperion Enterprise for more than 20 years. One of the most common oversights our consultants discover is related to backup, recovery and disaster recovery planning. Most companies believe they’re fully-covered, but with in-depth review they discover delinquencies in their Hyperion Enterprise data protection strategy and gaps in their disaster recovery and business continuity plan.

We often discover corporate IT departments attempting to use traditional server backup software alone to backup the Hyperion database. This can actually do more harm than good, as the traditional backup process can actually corrupt the entire database. Most users don’t realize that Hyperion Enterprise offers a safe, simple, and reliable alternative: a native backup scheduler, built right into the software. The most important feature of this tool is the way this backup scheduler pauses writes to the database as the backup occurs, ensuring full data integrity of both the backup and the production database. As part of our managed service, we properly configure, monitor, and test these scheduled backups on a routine basis as part of our Service Level Agreement.

The second important issue is a disaster recovery and business continuity plan. If you’re a CFO or CIO you need to plan for the worst-case scenario, such as a server or network outage in the middle of your close. You should have a Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plan for Hyperion Enterprise to make sure your company can successfully complete your financial period close on time even if you’re faced with an IT crisis, natural disaster, or other unplanned emergency scenario. It’s not enough to just have a good backup; you also need a recovery plan you can execute quickly under duress. This is often quite a challenge in today’s hyper-connected business environment, especially within global organizations. All of the challenges related to infrastructure, connectivity, application, and data aren’t easily met in the best of circumstances.

Stafford’s Oracle Hyperion Enterprise Cloud Hosting + Support Service addresses the concerns of CFO’s, CIO’s, and corporate finance teams by providing fully-managed backup, data restoration services, and a built-in disaster recovery plan.

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