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Consolidation and Financial Reporting on the Cloud

Managed HFM Hosting with Strafford Technology

Key Features and Benefits

  • Stable, reliable cloud platform
  • Full Application Functionality
  • Affordable Helpdesk support
  • Use Retrieve or Smart View with Microsoft Office
  • Managed backup and restore process
  • Built-in disaster recovery strategy
  • No up-front hardware or installation costs
  • Rapid migration and deployment to the cloud
  • Multiple secure connectivity options
  • 24/7 network monitoring
  • Web-based password self-service
  • Encryption of data-at-rest and data-in-motion
  • SOC, HIPAA, PCI, ISO 27001, ITAR certification
Oracle Hyperion Financial Management

A stable, reliable platform

Strafford Technology leverages the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud to provide a robust, stable and secure environment for our managed EPM hosting services. AWS is the world’s leading provider of cloud infrastructure-as-a-service and as an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner Strafford has demonstrated a high-level of expertise in designing, building and managing cloud-based solutions on the AWS cloud.

Strafford Cloud Secure Remote Access Portal

Secure, easy-to-use remote connectivity

Our hosting solution for Hyperion Enterprise is built using proven Microsoft Remote Desktop Services technologies to provide a highly-secure web-based delivery of the Hyperion Enterprise application, Enterprise Reporting, Microsoft Excel with Retrieve and SmartView and other familiar finance tools you rely on. We offer a simple, straight-forward login to a secure (https) website and one-click access to launch these programs using Microsoft Internet Explorer. Your applications will be delivered via Remote Desktop Services over a secure socket layer (SSL) connection right to your users’ desktops, anywhere in the world.

You can also setup a RemoteApp and Desktop Connection on a computer that is running Microsoft Windows 7 or Windows 8. With this feature configured, shortcuts to the cloud-based programs will appear in the Start Menu for quick and easy access.

Managed backup

Our cloud service offers a completely managed backup and data restore process. We manage Hyperion Financial Management native backup jobs occurring every 12-hours and manage the complete system snapshots daily. If and when you need to restore your data we’ll be there to carefully manage this process for you and your team. Our support team has even managed to repair user errors for our clients in the past by performing partial data restores.


Built-in disaster recovery

In the event of a network or power outage or other catastrophic event in your facility the cloud service is still available to you from any internet-connected computer. Our cloud server storage and backup data is stored on the Amazon S3 storage architecture. Data is dispersed securely among multiple availability zones and geographic locations, allowing us to restore and rebuild your servers in a different AWS datacenter if needed.

Affordable HelpDesk support

We have a strong team of Hyperion Enterprise experts supporting our clients on the cloud. We offer an affordable application HelpDesk support solution for your team, ensuring your ability to meet your goals and deadlines with success. When the pressure is on, you will have the piece of mind that Strafford’s experienced consulting team can assist you whenever you need help. Whether it’s a small database design change or custom report development, our team of consultants has been supporting clients with Hyperion Enterprise since the product was first introduced. Our HelpDesk is staffed by Oracle Hyperion experts allowing us to provide you with timely and insightful answers.

No up-front hardware or installation costs

There are no up-front hardware or installation costs with the cloud, and you’ll never need to worry about upgrading or moving your Oracle Hyperion Enterprise implementation to new hardware again.

Rapid migration and deployment to the cloud

We can migrate your existing application to the cloud seamlessly and painlessly while also upgrading your software to the latest version and patch level your current licensing supports. Your existing implementation will remain in place until your team is fully trained and comfortable using the cloud, making the transition as smooth and pressure-free as possible. When you’re ready, you can just turn off your old servers and stop worrying about them.

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“Consolidation and Financial Reporting on the Cloud”

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